Perfect Landing Page Design(Infographic)

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Landing page design when done correctly can increase your conversions a tremendous amount. But I am often asked how do you design the best landing page for your business. My reply is normally landing pages are not a one page fits all kind of a deal and needs to be designed for the prospects you want to attract. But saying that there are certain things that go into most types of landing pages. We have come across this infografic from that sort of sums up how to format and design the perfect landing page. As always a one glove fits all approach is not going to work but its a great starting point and dont forget testing is your friend, always be testing the results.

[image src=”×300.png” alt=”Alt Text” type=” thumbnail” float=”none” link=”true” href=”” title=”Title” target=”blank” info=”tooltip, popover” info_place=”top, right, bottom, left” info_trigger=”hover, click, focus” info_content=”This content will only show up if you have decided to show a popover.” lightbox_thumb=””  lightbox_caption=”The Perfect Landing Page Infographic”]

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Source: Kissmetrics