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SEO Internet Marketing Newark

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SEO & Internet Marketing Newark

Business Growth experts Covering Newark. Freshly brewed is an Internet Marketing company firmly focused on the accelerated growth of sales and customer acquisition. We have many years experience in B2B and B2C online marketing.

Paid Advertising Is Our Thing

Stop wasting money with google adwords and Facebook if you don’t know what your doing can cost you a lot of wasted ad spend let us take the strain and make your PPC work for you. We do this by making data driven decisions not gut feelings.

Ethical SEO

We don’t cut corners or look for the quick fix, our vision is all about long term sustainable marketing providing you with customers for today and tomorrow. Most clients are looking for long term results and from experience we know we can get you fast rankings with on the edge SEO tactics.

We constantly strive to provide the best service for our customers to help them not only improve their online visibility but to also help their business become a brand leader within their industry. We do this by providing helpful digital data on rising and declining industry trends allowing a company to stay on the cutting edge of their niech.


You may already know the acronym KPI from other industries it stands for Key Performance Indicators. We structure our online marketing with intelligent KPI’s to make sure that every thing we do has a positive impact on your bottom line