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PPC agency Tenby PPC otherwise known as pay per click is one of the quickest ways to get traffic to any Tenby based business. We are a PPC Agency For Tenby based businesses helping all types of companies in the area perform better with paid advertising in Google Ads, Bing and other PPC channels.

Why Webmojo For Your PPC Agency

Your not shopping for an agency to get you clicks you're looking for is an agency to find you qualified leads and sales at the best price possible. We do this for Companies just like you in Tenby and other areas

A Google Ads Agency to Help You

PPC is all about creating opportunities to sell. you could want to target someone in the Tenby area or someone at the other end of the country or even the world and PPC can provide you with those opportunities at a cost-effective price. Lead generation or e-commerce with Google Shopping Webmojo covers all the bases. We can target nationally via PPC or locally in Pembrokeshire

Paid ads can give you laser-focused intent-based targeting showing your ads to people just at the right time that they are looking for what you have to offer, this is the power of PPC search ads, providing access to highly qualified users more likely to buy.

The controllability of PPC is amazing. From deciding to advertise a product or service you can have ads live within the hour (as long as you have an AdWords account already set up and approved )

Once you start making a profit then you can increase budgets to increase the overall profitability of any campaign.

PPC Measurability & Accountability

Data Drivern pay per click advertising Tenby

Webmojo will set up effective tracking looking at not just hard conversion but the soft conversions that we know lead to sales. By taking this data-driven approach we analyse the data or how we say internally "following the numbers" using this data we can see patterns of behaviour and identify which parts of the campaign perform better and get rid of the parts that don't perform or perform badly.

We will develop an effective Google ads strategy looking at the structure of the account to quickly bring it into profit. If you're new to Pay Per Click advertising we can "tippy-toe" into paid advertising by starting with a small budget only increasing the spend as we become more profitable.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today to talk about your PPC needs. A great PPC campaign can literally change your business bringing in highly qualified leads and salesĀ 

No Account Managers

We dont use account managers, traditionally you never speak to the person who directly optimise your adwords account. You speak to an account manager who then relays your wishes to the PPC team. We don't do that, You only speak to the person who is directly managing you account.

    How can PPC help your business reach a new audience?

    There are a host of paid advertising platforms available but the most popular is Google ads you may know it as Google Adwords after a rebranding it is now called Google Ads. The Google Ads platform is sectioned into a few different channels.

    Paid Search

    The sponsored results that are shown at the top of the organic search results very powerful. You bid on search terms and only pay when someone clicks on your advert.


    The Shopping results specifically targeted towards ecommerce. Shopping ads show an image of a product at the top or sidebar in the organic search results


    Display ads are shown on other websites who take part in the Google adsense program. when someone clicks on your ad the website owner gets a percentage of the cost of the ad. 


    Retargeting can be used in the display network or on social platforms we use retargeting to reengage users that have been on your website and have shown signs of interest in your products or services


    Video ads show at the beginning and the middle on videos shown on Youtube. We can also show display ads on Youtube outside of the Videos.

    Maps / GMB

    Advertise to a local audience in sponsored maps listing  using your Google My Business

    Paid Advertising with Google ads and Bing Benifits

    Get Customers - Fast

    PPC and all forms of paid advertising bring in new customers fast. Because you pay for traffic you can turn it on and off at will. Launch your product or service one day and have qualified customers within hours.

    Get More Calls

    Use call tracking to tell you what keywords produce phone calls. Phone calls from paid ads let us know that your ads are highly relevant and we can bid higher on the most valuable keywords

    Increase Your Conversions

    You want more sales and leads, don't you? PPC advertising delivers.  

    Measure, Adjust and Improve

    A well maintained and tracked PPC campaign is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. We track everything relevant to making your campaign work harder and perform better. 
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