Pay Per Click Agency (PPC) Newark

PPC Advertising For Businesses In Newark  

We specialise in PPC for Newark in Nottinghamshire based business, helping them produce better results from paid advertising. We can target nationally via PPC or locally in Newark


Webmojo is a PPC agency for Newark if you need fast controlled results you need a professional PPC company. With over 20 years online the people behind Webmojo have the experience of online marketing and paid ads to get you the results you need.

Capturing intent is key to the success of any PPC campaign and Webmojo spends a lot of time to understand your business and your customers to build a solid campaign that produces strong scalable results. showing your ads to people just at the right time that they are looking for what you have to offer, this is the power of PPC search ads, providing access to highly qualified users more likely to buy.

The controllability of PPC is amazing. From deciding to advertise a product or service you can have ads live within the hour (as long as you have an AdWords account already set up and approved )

Once you start making a profit then you can increase budgets to increase the overall profitability of any campaign.

Talk to Webmojo about pay per click advertising on Google Bing Google Shopping and social channels

PPC Tracking & Conversion

Webmojo will set up effective tracking looking at not just hard conversion but the soft conversions that we know lead to sales. By taking this data-driven approach we analyse the data or how we say internally "following the numbers" using this data we can see patterns of behaviour and identify which parts of the campaign perform better and get rid of the parts that don't perform or perform badly.

We will develop an effective Google ads strategy looking at the structure of the account to quickly bring it into profit. If you're new to Pay Per Click advertising we can "tippy-toe" into paid advertising by starting with a small budget only increasing the spend as we become more profitable.

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