Local SEO for Google Maps

Local SEO - Search engine optimisation for attracting clients within the local area. Local services, food, trades and any other type of business that serves a relatively tight geographic area can benefit greatly from Local SEO.

Those in the know understand that having a good local presence within google and the other search engines can mean a steady stream of customers and sales.

Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to market a local business in the search engines. You may know it as Local search marketing or Marketing for Google maps. 

How Does it Work

When someone searches online for something lets say a garage the search engines know this type of search query has local intent in the search. meaning most searchers are looking for a service close to home. Google knowing this wants to show them relevant results, a relevant result would be a garage close by. In Google, we have several different results on the same page we have organic search results, local results and paid results. Local pages appear at the top of the page under paid ads, just under the map showing the location of the business. What is displayed in theses results are Google My Business losing with information about the company, opening times customer reviews plus contact details and a link to the company website. These listings can be extremely powerful in getting highly qualified leads. 


Webmojo can help you achieve high rankings within these results. A local customer is more qualified than a customer on the other side of the country or world.

Local SEO Listing London
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