SEO Agency in Doncaster Yorkshire covering the UKSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of achieving top organic placement in search engines. All effective search engine marketing starts with research into the actual phrases (keywords) typed by real customers into search engines every day.

At WebMojo, we offer more than your average SEO company. Once you’ve given us an insight into your business and your goals, our search engine optimization consultant will use powerful web tools to:

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    • Discover the variations on keywords that real customers are actually using, not the phrases you might think they are using!
    • Research the most popular phrases used to search your particular product or service
    • Research the most popular phrases used to search your nearest competitors product or service


[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”left”]Contact WebMojo, and we’ll guide you through how effective SEO can take your website from zero to hero in the search engine results.[/blockquote]

Keywords, On Page Copy and SEO

There is one simple rule to cost-effective SEO; if the words your potential customers are searching for do not appear on your website, search engines will not find your website! On the other hand, you don’t want to write your website text just for search engines; you want to write it for real people who will buy your goods or services.

WebMojo offer a full SEO copy writing service, ensuring that your keywords appear in strategic places in your website text where search engines will love to index them, and written so nicely that real customers will enjoy reading them too.

Affordable, Accessible, Accurate Search SEO Services

SEO is an ongoing process; keywords go in and out of fashion, and new phrases rise in popularity. WebMojo offer your business a comprehensive service that few other SEO companies can match, ensuring your website not only reaches top positions in the search engine rankings with your chosen keywords, but stays there too.

Link Building Your Website To The Top

Link building is the driving force behind bringing new traffic to your website. By including your key phrases in text links to your website, search engines understand better what your website is about, and rank you more highly in their results page. For more information on WebMojo’s link building service, see our Internet marketing page.

Tricks of the Trade: The Description meta tag

Its true to say that for most search engines the  meta tags have very little influence over search rankings but as an established SEO company, We understand that its the little things that can make a big difference, The description meta tag is one of those little things. Its the hidden information in your website code that search engines display in the results. Creating the right meta information can be as crucial to the success of your website as writing good on-page copy. Having a skilfully crafted persuasive description tag can mean more clicks even when you have sites above you in the rankings  we make sure your meta tags are spot on for every page of your website.

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