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PPC Management and other Paid Advertising

What is PPC (ppc is the acronym for Pay Per Click) In simplistic terms you pay for a small advert that is displayed along with the organic results in a search engine such as Google , decease Bing or Yahoo and when someone clicks on your link and are taken to your website or landing Page you are charged a set amount. of money. The amount you are charged is dependent on how much you are willing to bid and this bid has a direct effect on how high you are placed for a search term. Bid the most and your listing will be at the top, purchase enabling you to get the most traffic you your products or services.

With some services, you listing can appear on other websites related to your offerings and when you receive a “clickthrough” the website owner gets a percentage of the amount that you bid

The Problem with PPC, It Sounds So Simple

Doesn’t it sound simple. Pay money, get traffic. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay a small amount and get oodles of traffic and make loads of money.

Ok lets stop the dreaming PPC can cost you money,lots of money if you approach it the wrong way. With more and more businesses marketing their services online competition is going up. With higher competition, bid amounts rise. Without proper management you could find yourself getting traffic spending an absolute fortune but not making any money.

The Solution: Paid Advertising Management

PPC management  Paid AdvertisingWe take the stress and risk out of your paid advertising making sure you target the right keywords and phrases. Making sure that they are directed to the most appropriate landing pages with the most relevant offer for the search in question.

What We Do

  • Assess your market and your direct competition
  • Select relevant keywords
  • Set up the landing pages
  • Write your listings
  • Run Campaign
  • Monitor the campaign with analytics
  • Remove underperforming keywords and phrases
  • Repeat and refine from the first step

We will quickly identify the best performing words and over time your paid advertising spend will drop but your conversions will increase meaning you will make more money from less spend.