Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is Internet advertising at its best; you only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert, regardless of how many times it’s been shown to prospective customers. It’s an extremely cost-effective way of promoting your goods or services, but without proper management, pay per click charges can soon spiral out of control.

WebMojo offer a complete range of pay per click advertising options for your business. As a leading UK pay per click agency, we manage accounts for numerous clients, who trust us to create and monitor all their PPC advertising across the Internet.

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WebMojo’s Pay Per Click Management

At WebMojo, we work hard to make pay per click work for your business. We’ll discuss and research your markets, so we know exactly what you wish to achieve with your pay per click campaign. As part of our pay per click management service, we will:

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  • research your SEO keywords for you, and build them into your advertising copy
  • closely monitor your PPC adverts for their ROI (return on investment)
  • conduct split testing as required


Most importantly, we assess your adverts’ results, so you always know if you’re getting value for money. If an advert has become less effective over time, WebMojo can quickly change it for you.

Google Adwords: Friend Or Foe?

At WebMojo, we understand the range of web advertising options open to your business, including Google Adwords. With WebMojo in charge of your Adwords advertising, you can relax as we set up new PPC campaigns, monitor their performance and tweak them to provide you with qualified, cost-effective website traffic – without you ever needing to look at any statistics or graphs!

Maintaining Advertising Quality

One of the secrets of successful pay per click advertising is to ensure you have quality advertisements. For example, Google Adwords uses a ranking method for PPC adverts that compares the relevance of your keywords in your advert to the landing page that advert points to. The better the match between your advert keywords and the keywords on your landing page, the more effective the advert will be. WebMojo ensures your pay per click adverts are of the highest quality, so they appear top of the Adwords words listings for less CPC (cost per click).

Contact WebMojo today for a pay per click agency that prides itself on pay per click management that does the job, within your budget.

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