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SEO Retford-From WebmojoYou may have come upon the term Search Engine Optimisation or heard the acronym SEO but don’t know exactly what it is, or how it could help you. To sum it up in one sentence SEO is the number one way to attract qualified customers.

SEO = Cost effective advertising

Imagine a place where qualified customers come looking for you at exactly the time they are looking to buy, what would that be worth to you? Getting a good search engine placement can mean the difference between a business success or failing

There are two types of search engine optimisation

On Page Optimisation

There are two ways we optimise your site the first in known as on page optimisation, to do this we go through your website with a fine tooth comb examining the structure and the way you are presenting your information. We then go away and make a plan to make direct changes on your site to make it easer for the search engines to index and rank your content favorably .

Off Page Optimisation

Off-page optimisation is were we look for and acquire relevant one way inbound links to your site. By using links to boost your placement in the SERP’s (search engine results page) you tell the search engines that you are important to your particular industry and are relevant to a particular search We have a specialist link-building team for this task

Why SEO a Website

The reason for adding search engine optimisation to your marketing plan is, it works!

Millions of people are online in the UK alone. When a person wants a product or service the first place they look is now the Internet and not directories or local papers.

Businesses are growing due to well implemented SEO. No other form of marketing can compete with the cost effectiveness of a good SEO plan. SEO is not only for big businesses smaller companies can benefit greatly.

When your site is optimised and you are on the first page of the search engines it can mean great success with minimal cost per sale. before planning your website your SEO company can do a market study and advise you on whats worth putting on your website and may even be able to advise you on expanding your product or service offerings to meet a demand.

SEO is all about planning

Search Engine Optimisation takes time, it starts by knowing where you want to be, then planning how to get there. If you have a project that needs traffic fast, our Pay Per Click Marketing service will get you traffic to your site quickly

Webmojo is an SEO & Internet Marketing company covering Retford in Nottinghamshire

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