Using Buyer Personas to Increase Conversion Rates

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The benefits of online marketing especially SEO and pay per click marketing via the search engines is that you can get in front of a prospect just at the point they are looking to make a purchase. Don’t squander this opportunity you need to build the right message. This is all important, the right message delivered in the right way.

Take a few minutes to think about your customers the people that buy your product or service. Put yourself in their shoes, walk a mile and take in the scenery. What are they feeling, are they rich or poor. Educated or illiterate all these sort of questions help you build a profile.

Before you start any sort of marketing project it is vitally important to get inside the mindset of your customer.  Customers are what drive your business without them you have no business.  I see from a lot of small business owners that think if they write about themselves and how great they are, customers will be knocking on their door. STOP. its not about you. Its about them.

Crafting the right message

I started my young adult life wanting to be an actor. I went to college, studied hard  and learnt about acting. Although I soon realized I had neither the looks or the ability to be a truly great actor I did take away a lot from this stage of my life  that I use now in internet marketing.

Building a character is a lot like crafting a buyer persona. If you really want to get in deep (and you should if you want to do this properly) Google the Stanislavski techniques otherwise known as “the method” as in method acting

Imagine that you’re a character actor preparing for a role. You need to know who this person is that you are portraying. So what do you do? You start with the basics age, sex married/unmarried rich poor genius or an idiot , what do they do for a living you start asking questions and after a while you get a deeper understanding of the person enabling you to portray them effectively in essence you become that person even to the point of thinking in the same way, looking towards the motivation of the character.


Motorvation is a very important aspect of the process the reason behind the action.

Like an actor creates a character you need to create a marketing persona. A marketing persona is a representation of a customer. This one thing, when done right is a road map to growing your business.

Who, What Why

  • Who are they
  • What do they want
  • Why do they want it

If you can’t answer these 3 questions then you need to go back to the drawing board and start again. By doing this research this will help you become more focused on your customers and come up with relevant search terms that are related to your business but are also what the customer is looking for.

Ranking in the search engines for the correct phrase as opposed to the ranking for the most popular phrase can mean the difference to making a profit or going bust.

Choosing the correct phrase to target is a bit misleading today and was more relevant a short while ago. Now when writing content its more about the theme of the page and site than about the words included in the copy so in theory you can rank for keyphrases that don’t appear on the page, but it won’t hurt to have the phrase you’re targeting on the page itself.

Ok lets cover choosing the correct terms to target. When searching for a product or service we cast the net out wide then start to  narrow down until we find exactly what we want. I call this the buying cycle.


so lets imagine we are a history buff  who is looking to get into  a hobby of reenacting historical battles and he is looking to purchase a costume and related equipment.

What would be your first search when deciding to buy a costume. Mine would be to research the period so my first search would probably be the time period followed by military uniforms so for this example 17th century military uniforms. this is the research phase of the buying process and normally is non transactional. After this search the user will narrow down his options by lengthening the search phrase, so the next search may be napoleonic military uniforms so by doing his research this history buff has narrowed down that he wants an officer’s uniform of napoleon’s army circa 1805 so in this example his final search would be along the lines of 1805 napoleonic officers uniform for sale.

lets break this example


middle aged man into history looking to begin a hobby in reenacting the napoleonic wars


wants to buy a uniform and other related merchandise


He’s into history so want his uniform to be an accurate representation of the period. He also wants to show the other reenactors his attention to detail as well as become part of this group of people.

The why is normally the key to the right keyword, if you get this right you are able to sell your product what people say the reason for buying a service or a product is often more emotionally related than it might seem. Play to the emotion and if it resonates then you have the sale.

The exception to this is need driven that is to say something that you must have.

Need Driven Purchases

A need driven purchase is something someone must have to comply with some set of rules such as car insurance that they must have to drive on the UK roads or another example would be to buy fire extinguishers for a factory or the home the motivations behind the purchase may be different one of protecting your home and one of complying with health and safety regulations.


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