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Your web page title, medical regularly known as your page Title Tag, is a particularly significant factor to think about when enhancing your website to attain high Google rankings. Get your Page Title Tags right and it is actually going to help get that initial Page Google ranking.

What internet site designers generally do is just put your company name in the Web page title tags.

That is fine if you're just improving your website for your company name, but let us accept it, most people do not know what your company name is, so by having just your company name in your website page title it isn't actually doing you much good.

What you wish to do is to include your keywords in your pages titles, because that is what the general public will be hunting for.

The Title Text generally appears in the Blue Bar at the pinnacle of every internet page.

Putting your Keywords in your Page Title is of greatest significance.

say you are in a Library hunting for a book on online marketing, you will be faced with hundreds of books on internet marketing, what do you do next?

You would possibly look at the titles printed on the pricks of the books till you see the one that looks applicable to what you are searching for, you then look within the book to determine if it matches exactly what you want.

This is similar to how Google works. First of all someone searches a keyword on Google e.g. Balls. Google examines all the web pages in its database that have the words 'Golf Balls' in the Page Titles ( or as in our analogy – spines ). If the net pages don't have the words Golf Balls in the Page Titles then it might be a significant issue. You must make it as straightforward as feasible for Google to find your pages.

there are more factors Google uses, but you wish to make your website as obvious as possible to Google when anyone is hunting for what you offer.

So, by putting your keywords in the Page Title the site stands an excellent chance of getting listed when that term is searched.

A very simple explenation of the title tag and it's importence to on page SEO

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