Google Adwords: Dealing with Low Search Volume

What Is Low Search Volume

Low search volume in Google Adwords is when a target phrase does not have enough regular searches to justify allowing it to trigger ads. Imagine a situation where your whole adwords account is filled with low search volume keywords you would see very little clickthroughs and from google’s perspective they wouldn’t earn any advertising revenue.

Options For dealing with Low Search Volume

The Step Back Approach

If your keyword is too narrow in focus you will get a low search volume notice next to it in your adwords account. The step back is to move the keyword back one step an example being if you were targeting an e-commerce query focusing on a specific product. We may structure our keywords thus [Brand]

[size] [colour] now this is a very specific type of targeting we are aiming at people who are at the end of the sales funnel, who know what they want and are looking to buy or at the very least find a price. For example you could have this query running in this format and if the colour is popular it may run just fine but if you run it with a less popular color you may get the dreaded low search volume so the only way to deal with that is to remove the color completely and try it again. If you still are having problems with LSV then you need to take a further step back removing the product code and so on. As you take a step back you might want to adjust where the link terminates I will be coming to this later

Optimise for organic search

If you really want to target this specific term you could create content specifically targeting this product. We know the search volume is not huge but it’s a tight term that’s likely to convert the prospect into a customer if we can get them to view your orsome offer; right! Search optimisation is not just good for the organic results it can also increase your quality score as well so I would advocate you doing this step as standard anyhow.

Use the Display Network

Ok display advertising can be a bit hit or miss depending on what you’re promoting but you can get some good spots to place your ad if you take a good look at the serp results for the phrase you’re targeting. Once you have found a page that takes adsense advertising pop over to adwords and set up some placements.

Advanced Step Back

Ok we have stepped back and opted to take a broader term as our keyword. In an e-commerce situation we may have just targeted a model but not gone as far as targeting the model and color, so where do we send this traffic? There is two answers to this question and they both involve allowing the user to take themselves to the right place the first is using site links to help the user get to the right place. looking over our stats we find that out of our targeted product, we have four colours that attract the most visitors. so we create 4 sitelinks representing the four most popular colours and landing directly on the corresponding product.

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