5 Tips To Remember While Writing Online Sales Page Copy

A sales page is an integral part of an online business and there are ways to make it work. There are also things to avoid.

1. Do Not Cause Information Overload Informing the reader about the product is a good thing. No one wants to read a huge list of benefits, however. The proverbial wall of text just invites a reader to skim over it without really taking it in. Divide the information with headings and subheadings so people can find what is most important to themselves and their needs. Even scanners can latch onto something of interest, which gives more of a chance of them buying the product involved. Emphasize the headings and subheadings with bold print so anyone can find the points they wish to view at a glance.

2. Do Not Write for the Search Engine It is important to use keyword and key phrases to raise internet search engine ratings, but a search engine will never be a reader and potential customer. There has to be some kind of balance between search engine optimization and engaging writing. It is a good thing that readers can find the webpage with their favorite search engines; but once they are there, there should be some convincing and interesting writing to lead them the rest of the way into a sale.

3. Do Not Fill the Page with Text Leave some white space when laying out the webpage. As mentioned before, a wall of text just causes the eyes of most readers to glaze over. They have no desire to try and read what amounts to textual rambling. Formatting like that makes it easy to lose a place multiple times and finally give up. Spaces clearly define where one thought begins and ends, and allows the eyes of the readers to rest a bit before reading more and making the purchase.

4. Do Not Focus on the Business The readers have arrived. They are already curious enough to see what the webpage has to offer, so show them that instead of greeting them with information about the company itself. What does the product or service offer the reader? Whatever that is, highlight that, and not the company itself. The point of the sales page is to sell something, not to talk about the business, no matter how amazing the business itself may be. No one makes a purchase based upon that. Write to the reader and make a connection.

5. Do Not Use Excessive Animation Flashy animation and high tech interfaces may look great on a webpage, but they may do more harm than good. Not every computer is able to see such innovations, and others do not want to be bothered with it. More complicated interfaces and displays block out a portion of the potential market. Think about the target market before employing such devices on the sales page or anywhere on the website.

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If you are considering writing your own sales pages you should listen to the words above they are written with common sense in mind. It’s all well and good getting great Search engine rankings but if the traffic doesn’t convert your no better off.

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