Latent Semantic Indexing What Is It And Why Is It So Important


Googles Definition of Latent Semantic when you type in “what is latent semantic indexing” Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text. The above explanation is retrieved from Wikipedia and … Read More

Using Buyer Personas to Increase Conversion Rates


The benefits of online marketing especially SEO and pay per click marketing via the search engines is that you can get in front of a prospect just at the point they are looking to make a purchase. Don’t squander this opportunity you need to build the right message. This is all important, the right message delivered in the right way. … Read More

What Is Internet Marketing

what is internet marketing

To people outside the online marketing industry there seems to be some confusion over what is internet marketing. When you think of marketing on the internet the most widely known and publicised discipline is SEO or search engine optimisation closely followed by social media. So what is Internet Marketing Internet marketing is very much like traditional marketing the only difference … Read More

Digital Marketing Blueprint

Digital Marketing Blueprint

Are you a business owner needing to get more customers  or a fellow Internet marketing bod looking for information then this internet marketing blueprint is for you . A step by step guide for setting up and executing an online marketing campaign to raise awareness and help you gain more customers. The Blending of Offline and Online Marketing In the … Read More

Negative SEO and its Impact on Search and Your Business.


Negative SEO has suddenly got very big news in the internet marketing world, its also making some people very worried. Google has long maintained that a competitor could not do anything to damage your ranking. Those of us in online marketing knew different. If you have been keeping an eye on the Google guidelines as reported by Shaun Anderson they have … Read More

HTML Filler Text

As a Web Designer you have to get a general idea about how a page/site is going to look like before the customer has given you the final website content. add to this the need to style the content with CSS we need somthing to style. I have put together a selection of common HTML tags or HTML Filler text … Read More

10 Things you can do to Improve your Website Performance

Keyword Research It is so important to do your keyword research and to do it correctly. Keyword research is using data collected from the search engines to discover what people are searching for on the internet. Using this data you can tailor your website to meet the needs of your target market. The aim is to find keywords or phrases … Read More

Speed Up Your Website For an SEO Benefit

There is a lot of buzz at the moment about the speed of your website being a factor that affects your search engine rankings. Matt Cutts the unofficial public face of Google seems to be dropping little hints to this fact whenever he speaks, most recently when he addressed the Dublin chamber of commerce you can read more about Matt’s visit in the Irish Times

SEO Meta Tags

Here’s short post on SEO meta tags. For the majority of search engines the meta tags have zero relevance to ranking a page in the search engine algorithm. It hasn’t always been like that in the past the main ranking factor was the meta tags, like any thing that can be humanly changed we had the years of the meta … Read More

SEO Pricing

SEO is very important to the online business with on average the number of leads the search engines produce being anything from 60% – 100% of the visitors to a website. So as an SEO how do you work out your SEO pricing. I find this part of the job one of the hardest. Search engine optimisation and pricing, it … Read More

Why Can I not find you online

I’m frustrated, in fact I’m really frustrated. Part of the reason is my washing machine is on the blink and I’m down to my, only in the house cloths. The second and main reason is, I can’t find the contact details for the washing machine repair man. I don’t want to just call anybody out of the paper due to … Read More

5 Tips To Remember While Writing Online Sales Page Copy

A sales page is an integral part of an online business and there are ways to make it work. There are also things to avoid. 1. Do Not Cause Information Overload Informing the reader about the product is a good thing. No one wants to read a huge list of benefits, however. The proverbial wall of text just invites a … Read More

Social Media vs Search Engine Marketing

Social Media vs SEO

To start with this post started off as a comment in response to MOGmartins post about Social Media, PR vs Traffic. Where the argument is, whether social media sites, like facebook and twitter are of use to large corporations as traffic sources, or are they just vehicles for public relations and one to one, or one to many communications. Now … Read More

How to Write Effective SEO Copy for Websites

All websites want to be listed at the top of the best known search engines. Website developers and business owners alike understand that an effective site involves more than simply spending time and money on a good design. The overall goal is to get visitors to the website and then make it 'sticky', using good, solid content to keep them … Read More

Simple SEO: How To Create Content The Search Engines Will Like

Improved search positioning means greater exposure to targeted traffic, but few E-Biz owners really understand how to run an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. According to Andy Jenkins, founder of online business forum, “Your web site ranking is determined, in large part, by the quality of your content – it must be both compelling to your visitors and … Read More